Praise for the First Edition of The Black Hand of God


“An incredible read by a true lover of history. It takes a great deal of skill to pull someone out of the abyss of history and make a story known. R. S. Basi has done that, and will win the appreciation of others like myself for doing so.  Simply captivating!”- Cyrus Webb, Conversations Live! (Amazon top 500 reviewer)

“This book is compelling reading, thought provoking as well as enlightening… I would recommend this book to anyone interested in African history and the involvement of Christian religion there.” –

“THE BLACK HAND OF GOD was an overwhelming, awe-inspiring account of the establishment of Christianity in the Kongo with a different face. I was pulled into the story by a father who shared his thoughts about the events, which affected his daughter and changed the course of religious history for many in Africa. Although Basi writes this account as a fictional piece, it could actually be looked upon as a strong historical account of religion in Africa. He provides very detailed information on the slave trade and the development of Catholicism in the Kongo. This is one enriching account to be read and absorbed, which will leave you thirsting to know more.”  –RAWSISTAZ Reviews

“A groundbreaking look at the history of Christianity, Black Feminism and the African American Church. Kimpa Vita’s influence is echoed in critical uprisings throughout history, including the 1739 “Stono Rebellion” in South Carolina, and the Congolese slave revolt that led to Haiti’s independence in 1804. There is no question that without Kimpa Vita, the Black Church as we know it today would not exist.” – African Americans on the Move Book Club (

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