The Black Hand of God (2nd Edition)

The story of Kimpa Vita, as seen from her father’s perspective. A soldier, politically aware and part of the ruling class, Kimpa Vita’s father blames himself for his daughter’s strength and rebellious nature.

Often called the “African Joan of Arc,” Kimpa Vita was a progenitor of the African Independent Church movement, which sought to reconcile African spiritual faith with the Euro-centric teachings of the Catholic church.  Her rallying cry was heard in the 1739 Stono Rebellion, one of the largest slave uprisings in the British colonies, giving her life a direct connection to American history.  

Convictions Of Faith

An Afro-centric account of the actual events of Kimpa Vita’s life chronicled by Portuguese Missionaries.  After declaring herself the reincarnation of Saint Anthony, Kimpa Vita’s influence grows until she becomes a threat to king and church. 

Constant reminders of her own mortality create a crisis of faith in Kimpa Vita, providing an opportunity for the power structure she challenges.  But the king and church face similar existential and moral crises as they navigate between collapse and almost unimaginable wealth.

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